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Interview With Bridal Gown Designer Lea Ann Belter

Lea-Ann Belter is a Toronto, Ontario-based designer who is known for her "real gowns for real women." Her collection was one of the lines carried at my shop, and her commitment to well-made, well-constructed, timeless gowns was obvious each time a woman tried on one of her designs. Rather than focusing on trendy, fashion-forward designs, her collection is filled with gowns that appeal to a woman who craves a timeless, updated dress that she will still love in 20 years.
FW: What motivated you to begin designing bridal gowns and create your own label?
LAB: My first "job" out of fashion school was to design a gown for my brother's fiancée. I realized then that as an artist working in bridal would give me more creative freedom. I love working with the various fabrics and truly love helping make a bride's dream dress.
FW: Who is/was your style icon?
LAB: I have many favorite designers, but I have to say my top three are Tom Ford, Coco Chanel, and Karl Lagerfeld.
FW: What influences and inspires your designs?
LAB: I draw inspiration from so many places - people, brides I work with at my boutique in Toronto, as well as brides I meet when doing shows across the country are probably my biggest source of inspiration. I also draw from classic couture styling, nature, and of course I listen to my clients and try to design their gown.
FW: What factors do you take into consideration with each collection?
LAB: I like to design gowns for real brides. I take fit and styling into consideration as well as comfort, wearability, and of course price. It doesn't matter if the gown looks great on a hanger or on a mannequin, it has to look great on a body and it has to look great all day long. I design my gowns in silk with silk lining so they are comfortable, light, and easy to wear. The biggest compliment I get on a regular basis is "this dress is so comfortable, I don't want to take it off."
FW: Where and in what fabrics are your gowns created?
LAB: Our gowns are all made 100% in Toronto by hand in silk fabrics.
FW: Can you give us any hints about your Spring 2010 Collection?
LAB: We are hard at work on Spring 2010 now. The gowns are going to be romantic and soft with some touches of color. I am searching for beautiful unique lace patterns and designing new soft beading patterns. I am incorporating soft fabric flowers and more adornment than I have in previous collections. I like to keep my styles classic and wearable so I tend to avoid obvious trends.
FW: What advice would you give to ladies on the hunt for their gown?
LAB: This is your wedding dress - if you love it and feel beautiful in it, that is what matters. If your sister, maid of honor, best friend, and sometimes, unfortunately, your mother don't like it, that is okay. You should be true to yourself. Too often brides will fall in love with a gown, bring their BFF in to share in their happiness to be shot down and disappointed by their reaction. I am not saying you shouldn't take their advice, but make sure it is good advice. Also, make sure it is comfortable - you will probably be wearing it for 8 plus hours.

Every Bride Deserves Sassi Holford Wedding Dresses

Every bride wants to look like a princess on her wedding day. One of the most important things on any wedding day is the dress. All eyes will be on the bride and she wants to have the dress that will make her look and feel beautiful and confident. Sassi Holford wedding dresses can do that.
If you are a bride looking for your perfect dress then you know that there are many choices out there. One choice is to find a designer wedding gown.
There are a lot reasons to choose to wear designer gowns like Sassi Holford wedding dresses. One is that they are better constructed than other dresses are. Any designer spends a lot of time working on having a high quality dress that is made out of the best materials available. Designer wedding gowns are hand sewn and hand decorated. That means there is no worry about seams ripping or decorations falling off.
Another reason is that they tend to be the best choice to wear on your big day is that much thought has gone into making the dress. A designer spends a lot of time thinking about what will make the bridal wear look good. That means that you can be sure that your beautiful dress will only enhance your beauty on your wedding day. Your wedding gown shouldn't overpower you on your day, but it should enhance your beauty and make you more beautiful for your special day.
Sassi Holford has been designing bridal wear for 30 years. The amazing thing is that she is completely self-taught. She didn't go to any design school, but Sassi Holford wedding dresses are some of the most beautiful dresses in the world. She has quite a following and has been chosen by many celebrities to design their dresses from them.
Sassi Holford wedding dresses are the epitome of grace and style. She has said that her biggest influences have been Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. It's very obvious in her styles that she considers them huge fashion influences. Holford's dresses wouldn't look out of place on either woman.
All of the dresses are designed to be very elegant and graceful. They are reminiscent of old Hollywood style with a modern twist. They follow very elegant and clean lines, often with a strikingly simple silhouette.
Sassi Holford dresses have been in the new recently. In 2008 she designed the dress that Autumn Kelly wore when she married Peter Phillips, the first grandchild of Queen Elizabeth to marry. Because of that royal wedding experience her name was mentioned as a possible designer of one of the three wedding dress that Catherine Middleton will wear for her marriage to Prince William in April 2011.
Many other famous women have worn these beautiful designs on their big day. Because of that many big fashion magazines have featured Sassi Holford wedding dresses in their spreads.
The styles of Sassi Holford wedding dresses are becoming more popular as women see that her dresses are so beautiful and elegant. That's the way that every woman wants to feel on her wedding day and wearing one of these finely designed dresses can do that.
The Bridal Gallery provides the full selection of Sassi Holford wedding dresses, along with other leading wedding dress designers, such as Jenny Packham, Suzanne Neville, Stewart Parvin and lusan mandongus.

Bridal Saris Are Outstanding to Look At

Indian weddings are greatly known for their pomp and show. They are not a matter of few hours and but takes many hours to complete wedding. If considered counting other occasions likes before wedding. then take around two to three days for their completion. Fun and feast is very high in Indian weddings. But, center of attraction of wedding is bride. She is 'queen of the day'. Her outfit is equally attractive and demands keen attention. It so, because, wedding is very important day of bride life, that why looking good, becomes all the way more important to her.
There are three main bridal wear of India. The sari all have set their own standards. But, importance of sari is the highest. After the emergence of beguiling lehengas also, sari has retained its place in bride heart. Bride wear are known by name bridal saris. Bridal sarees are outstanding to look at, as they are made to adorn wedding diva. They are also known for their magnificent and elaborate details.
As known, India is a blend of different cultures, thus bridal saris come in different forms for its different states. Though, intricate design and pattern is same with all, but there is a difference in way of designing. Bridal saris are heavy and full of work. They are unique and can be easily identified.
Selecting a bridal saree is a challenging task. It is not a one day or one week chore. Months are required to get the right piece. It is so because of their wide styles, silhouettes and designs. Bride-to-be should start looking for them at least six to seven months in advance, so as to be fully satisfied at the end. She should go through each style and color to know what suits her best. These all efforts are not otiose, as looking for bridal dress is one of the most essential tasks of wedding preparation.
Bridal saris come decking in various designs. There are traditional designs, modern designs, simple designs, etc. Even, there are some come blending with traditional and modern both designs. Thus, choices are many. Bride is the person who should decide which design will best suit her. Colors of saree are also important point of consideration. Though, red and maroon are basic colors for Indian wedding, but with time taking modern approach other colors like pink, orange, blue, gold, green, etc. have also stepped into fashion. Bride-to-be is the sole judge in deciding which color sari she wants to wear in her wedding.
Bridal sarees also show great versatility with fabrics. Silk, satins, chiffon, georgette, etc. in all fabrics they are available. These outfits are embellished with various types of decorations like mirror work, stone work, applique, god thread, etc. Indian bridal saris are very colorful and embellished, carrying lot of grace and richness.

Bridal Mehndi - Three Surefire Ways to Select Best Bridal Mehndi Designs

The charm of Pakistani weddings can be seen everywhere, as the best bridal mehndi designs also exhibit the joyous mood of the wedding ceremony. The bride is keen and enthusiastic to select the most beautiful design that would grace her hands, and with the wide array of designs and patterns, it becomes easier to select the ideal mehndi design.
When you are pondering to know the secrets about the right selection and application related to mehndi designs, the 3 surefire ways to select best bridal mehndi designs makes your task easier.
Mehndi patterns and designs
The most important aspect that demands attention on the part of the bride is the patterns and designs related to the mehndi bridal designs. The designs and patterns in mehndi embrace a huge variety, as you can come by elegant bridal designs, classical designs, royal designs as well as contemporary designs.
Selecting the right mehndi bridal design that provides gorgeous looks to your hands is the significant aspect that creates a huge difference. These mehndi bridal designs can also be selected as in a way that they match well with the bridal Pakistani dresses, and the combination serves well to bring in the glamorous touch during the ceremony.
Mehndi artist
As you explore various possibilities to select the best design, it is also essential to hire the services of the ideal mehndi artist who can bring out the best of the designs through their services. The previous works related to the mehndi artist will serve well to know the quality of service and the rates pertaining to services also matter much as when you look to hire their services.
With the guests also craving to possess rich looks with the top mehndi designs, finding the ideal mehndi artist who provides economical hourly rates is very important.
Mehndi bridal package
There are many mehndi artists who not only provide a great variety with respect to the designs, but also offer fabulous mehndi bridal packages that suit the needs of the customers and fit well into the budgets of bridal customers. These bridal mehndi packages include application of mehndi, where mehndi artists make their own henna paste, as the package also includes measures that are taken after mehndi gets applied.
The bridal mehndi package differs as per the need, as the need could necessitate application of henna for many people including the guests, or it could be concerning mehndi for hands or for both hands and legs, as there are other detailed packages that are available. Opting for the right bridal mehndi package as that suits your needs and purse is the most important aspect that needs to be given a serious thought before opting for the services of mehndi artists.
When you are looking to find ways and means to select good mehndi bridal designs, the 3 surefire ways to select bridal mehndi designs will provide the right idea to choose the best designs and patterns.

Alfred Angelo Bridal Gown

Not all bridal designers have to design bridal gowns that cost an arm and a leg. Alfred Angelo Bridal is really an international vendor and retailer of affordable wedding dresses based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Although the corporation is well known for Alfred Angelo wedding dress, they still designed bridesmaid gowns, trends for flower girl dresses, mother of the bride / groom dresses, together with other wedding accessories. Prom dress styles will also be fashioned under a number of brand lines.
In the mid 1930's, Alfred Angelo and his wife Edythe Piccione opened their first store in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They started out wholesaling Alfred Angelo bridal gowns and attempting to provide inexpensive bridal gowns that everyone could buy. Edythe began designing the Alfred Angelo wedding dress in 1935 because the quality of gowns they were selling may let them down sometimes. They chose quality fabrics and designed by themselves. The happy couple insisted on basic white and ivory gowns until 1960s, their kids Vincent and Michele Piccione, took over gown design. By the end of the decade, they actually started handling the company. This company employed Michael Shettel as V.P. of Design in the 1990s and he added more intricate designs and diversity of colors. After turning into a business leader in the USA, the corporation began marketing worldwide to countries such as the Australia, UK, New Zealand and Canada.
Nowadays the enterprise remains possessed by the Piccione family. Alfred Angelo bridal gowns are available at company-possessed retail places, known as "Signature Stores" in America, as well as a large number of partner stores around the world.
Michael Shettel - Wedding Style Designer
At the moment, Michael Shettel manages the design group. Shettel studied fashion design in the Fashion Institute of Technology in NY. He's been a lead designer for Alfred Angelo since 1999. Shettel and the design group choose fabrics manually for all those gowns designed in the 0-30 range but additionally in regular length, short and long lengths.
Well known inclusions in the Alfred Angelo fashion line under Shettel's guidance are the designs in the Dream in Color collection that permit brides to choose from fifty-five various shades to increase a panel train, a trim on the neckline, or perhaps a sash. Alfred Angelo bridesmaid gowns will also be a touch to the fashion line under Shettel.
Signature Stores
Alfred Angelo Signature Stores can be found in eighteen US states having a lot of retail stores in Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, and California. Other US locations for Signature Stores can be found in the following states: Alabama, Washington, Arkansas, Virginia, Arizona, Tennessee, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Maryland, Ohio, NY, Louisiana, Nevada, Nebraska, and New Mexico. They employ more than 3,000 people across the country. Alfred Angelo also sells bridal fashions at many of partner stores over the US and globally.
In the retail areas, gowns can be found from size 0-30 for wedding brides and bridesmaids. Prom dresses in the retail locations can also be found in the identical size range. The shops have a series of styles and lines in the Piccione Bridal, Alfred Angelo collection, Niki White collections, as well as the A.A. Sapphire.
In September 2010, by cooperation with Disney, this company announced the debut of the collection of princess-inspired wedding gowns from well-known Disney animated films like Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast.

Designer Wedding Dresses - The Couture Details Every Bride Wants

There are three things that every bride-to-be should consider before she goes shopping for her wedding dress. The first is her budget, the second is the season, and the third is the wedding theme. In this article we will discuss a few simple tips that will help you select the right designer dress.
Where to Begin?
Believe it or not, one of the most difficult decisions every bride-to-be must make is where to shop for her new dress. Almost without exception, she will be besieged by suggestions from friends and family about where she should shop. There are bridal boutiques, online boutiques, designer showrooms, department stores and virtual auctions to choose from.
The fastidious bride-to-be can find the perfect dress at any of the aforementioned. However, it may not be a great idea to purchase a dress before seeing it in person, i.e., on the Internet. There are simply too many unknowns, and even if the price is right, alterations are almost always required when you buy a dress online.
Most women who have never shopped for a wedding dress before have no idea how expensive it is to hire a seamstress to make even minor alterations. So, that deal that looked so good on your computer screen might end up costing you lots of extra money.
What's a good alternative? Department and discount stores often offer a nice selection, but they are not specialists. The business that can cover all of your wedding day needs is a bridal boutique. Also known as bridal salons, they are the closest thing to a one-stop option the industry has to offer. Not only do they sell a full range of designer wedding dresses, but they also offer dresses and accessories for the entire bridal party, including the bridesmaids, the flower girls and the mothers of the bride and groom.
Designer Wedding Dresses
Most women that want a more formal wedding order a designer dress. The cost of these gowns depends, of course, upon the reputation of the designer and the number alterations that must be made to the basic design. One reason that designer dresses are far more popular for formal weddings is because they take several months to complete. On average, it takes between four and nine months to deliver a designer wedding dress. That is why most shotgun and Vegas brides buy off the rack.
So, if you have always wanted a designer dress, you must plan ahead. Most recently engaged women begin by taking a trip to their local bridal store with a few of their friends/future bridesmaids. It may take several visits to finally decide on a design, especially if you don't know what you want. Consider a few of these helpful suggestions.
As you may be aware, most designer wedding dresses are quite heavy, even without a train. Now, this might be perfectly appropriate for a formal indoor wedding in the fall or the winter, but what if you have planned an outdoor wedding in the middle of August? Obviously, that heavy dress could begin to get a bit uncomfortable after a few hours.
Since summer is the most popular season for nuptials, it is often important to pay close attention to the fabric and materials. For a summer wedding, especially if it is being held outdoors, your best options include lighter, cooler fabrics like crepe and chiffon over velvet or satin.
As with any full gown, different body shapes and types are flattered by different cuts. Again, this is one of the main reasons bridal shops are preferable to a department or discount store. The experienced wedding consultants at these establishments will be able to tell you at first glance which cut will flatter your figure. Trying to do this on your own may result in a major fashion f aux pas.
Motif or Theme
The motif or theme is almost always dictated by the setting, which is often dictated by the season. For example, if you have planned an outdoor wedding, then you will want a dress that is not too heavy or hot under the summer sun.
But the motif can affect more than just the fabric of your designer wedding dress. It may also influence the style. Sticking with the beach wedding example, a long flowing gown with a train would not work on sand, for obvious reasons. Therefore, the bride might opt for a much shorter hemline and maybe even a backless or strapless number.
The average designer dress costs between one and two thousand dollars, depending on the designer, of course. Another important consideration is the accessories. Many brides-to-be like to shine on their special day, and this may require special additions that must be hand-applied to the dress. Crystals, sequins and even pearls may be added to a designer wedding dress. As you might expect, this will also add a few hundred dollars to the final bill.

Arabic Mehndi Designs for Wedding

Mehndi or Henna is used for weddings and traditional functions in South East Asia as temporary Henna tattoos and patterns. The henna tattoos are much smaller tattoo designs such as a heart or a bird on the arm or shoulders, but the traditional Arabic mehndi designs are usually adopted by women on weddings and traditional holidays such as Eids. The Arabic mehndi designs are quite unique and can be distinguished by their intricate designs.
In South East Asia there is a separate wedding function called mehndi where there are dances, songs and the bride gets imprinted with mehndi designs. Traditionally a bride gets henna designs on her hands, arms and feet. The purpose of these designs is to make the bride look pretty. There are countless types of designs from the completely heavy up to the forearm designs to the minimum and low patterned designs.
The good thing about the design is that you can make it look good with just about any way you go, from loops and swirls to flower patterns and even simple line designing. Sometimes people go by starting from the little finger and working their way to the forearm leaving the rest of the fingers blank. Some brides prefer small and simple designs on their feet while others want heavy patterns till their ankles. It is all about what the bride wants and how creative the artist can be. Other than the bride, the close friends and relatives also put design their hands with the henna although they are usually not as heavy as the bride's design.
Mehndi designs are also used by little girls on Eids, Diwalis and different traditional functions. The weddings are usually seen with little girls and all the females wanting to get their hands decorated with different designs on their hands and arms. There are many catalogues also available with the most popular Arabic mehndi designs such as florals and small designs that people can copy if they like.
The art of mehndi designing is something that anyone can master with a bit of practice and can create new designs according to their liking. The good thing about henna designs is that anything will eventually look good if the designs complement each other, such as floral would go well with vine like designs while some people prefer random patterns. Arabic designs usually end in a narrowing pattern along the forearm. So no matter what the occasion mehndi designs can easily be used to add to the beauty of young women.

Men's Designer Wedding Bands

People indulge in a number of pre-wedding preparations. Buying clothes, jewelry, accessories as well as wedding ring and wedding band for the bride and groom respectively are important pre-wedding rituals. Nowadays, the market is flooded with beautiful wedding bands that are available in amazing designs and classic metals. Wedding bands are made of gold, platinum, titanium, and silver. Designer wedding bands are the latest choice of people. There are many designer companies that exclusively design men's wedding bands and offer a range of brands for people to choose from.
Men's designer wedding bands have classic styles and patterns that are unique. Designer wedding bands are made of platinum, silver, or white gold. Platinum and 14-ct white gold are used more often, as they are strong metals that last a lifetime. 14-ct yellow gold is considered the American standard and has 49% gold and 51% alloy. Many wedding band designers use yellow sunbrite, which has a golden color for the wedding bands.
Platinum is the most favored metal for men's designer wedding bands. It is more durable than gold and most men prefer it for a wedding band. However, it is significantly more expensive than gold and is almost twice the price of an 18-ct white gold band. Platinum provides an excellent setting for diamonds but is equally elegant alone.
There are white diamonds used for men's wedding bands and are graded on an alphabetical scale starting from D. The lesser the color in a diamond, the more is its value. D color diamond is valuable since it is rare and colorless. Fancy diamonds come in a range of colors such as canary yellow, blue, green, and red.
There are platinum designer men's wedding bands that are hand crafted and engraved. They are delicate yet strikingly beautiful. The bands are a true blend of contemporary design and also exhibit old world beauty.
Generally, men's designer wedding bands are expensive but are also available on discounted rates during wedding seasons. They display a quiet elegance, which is classic in design and provide a lifetime of beauty.

Modern Wedding Invitations By Design

The dream begins at the mailbox. Every young woman breathes a sigh when they see their name in script on "that" envelope. Every mother remembers...every father dreams about his little girl. Modern wedding invitations have changed from the traditional white or cream paper with formal script. Today's invitation designs range from the formal to fun and beyond.
Your dream day starts long before the event. Typically, invitations are mailed six to eight weeks prior to the event. If you are having a destination wedding or international travel for guests this should be extended by four to six weeks. Ordering custom designed wedding invitations can take six to eight weeks for the process. You should plan to begin the invitation design planning no less than four months before the event.
Modern wedding invitations can reflect a bride's personality, common interests of the couple, a fantasy or colour theme - but your invitation design should portray the hope of your future. It will become a keepsake for family and friends. Sketches, pictures, colour samples or detailed descriptions will all assist in allowing your designer to share in the dream and create the perfect invitation. Ask to see samples and view the designer's website to become familiar with their work.
Once the initial design in completed, you will be sent a proof, either in a PDF file or a sample invitation. Carefully review the file for placement of images, text and graphics. Review all text for spelling, capitalisation, punctuation and form. This is your responsibility! Most design houses will take no responsibility for errors once the proof has been reviewed and deemed correct by the client. If you receive a sample, check the above listed items first. Then move onto the paper and envelopes. If you are not satisfied with anything, make the changes now!
If the design requires additional assembly like vellum overlays, ribbons or additional folding of a non-traditional shape, make sure that there is an understanding on who will take care of this. You might enjoy an evening with friends assembling and addressing your invitations, but a box of unassembled invitations would be an unwelcome and unpleasant surprise.
Things to remember to discuss prior to signing a contract are the cancellation policy and fees - sorry ladies this has been known to happen - better safe than sorry! Understand the deposit and when payment in full is required. Set your expectations before you make a commitment.
Your wedding is your day; let your invitation design reflect your dream. Modern wedding invitations are a wonderful way to share your dream, reflect your hopes for the future and keep the fantasy alive.

Designer Wedding Cakes - How to Choose the Right Designer Cake for Your Wedding

Designer wedding cakes now form part of the most important things which are needed for a successful wedding. A wedding is a very important thing that requires adequate planning many months before the real day. For couples not too wealthy, there is a need to save money, sometimes taking months to get enough money ready before telling the public about the plan to get married. In order to make guests enjoy every moment of the ceremony, the wedding cakes are one of the things presented.
If you are planning your big day, it is important to know how to choose the right cake. Some of the ideas that would help you choose the right design are:
  1. Shapes- A good design should have good shapes which are interesting to look at. The shape of your wonderful design is one of the things which make your wedding a special one before your guests. You should choose a cake which is based on your needs. You can always find unique wedding cakes with shapes like airplane, football stadium, sunflower, heart and so on.
  2. Ingredients- You should consider the ingredients before you choose final design. It is not easy to turn down wedding cakes after they have been made. You should ensure that your designer wedding cake does not contain ingredients to people are generally allergic to. This would ensure that everyone enjoys the cake on your wedding day.
  3. Size- When selecting your cake, you should consider the number of visitors who will attend. The type of event is what determines the size of a cake. In the case of a wedding ceremony, many people are usually invited. Therefore, you should ensure that your selected design is big enough to go round your guests and provide enough portions sufficiently.
  4. Creativity- Creativity is very important in choosing design. You should ensure that the cake represents something on your wedding day. For instance, if you are your partner have something in common, such as a hobby, you could choose a wedding cake that represents that thing.
  5. Topper- The wedding is a very important event. Therefore, you should not choose wedding cakes with the usual one pose groom and bride. Instead, you should look for at unusual designer toppers which make weddings special.
You should not assume that designer cakes are cheap. Neither should you think that they are too expensive for you to get one for your wedding. The most important thing is choosing the one that is within your budget and would say a lot of things about you on that day. For instance, wedding cake toppers should match your wedding theme if you are planning a beach wedding.
It is important that the cake design be according to your theme. For instance, the trending for designer wedding cakes nowadays include fondant frosting, which though very good, still cost more than almost ordinary cakes which similar base but with a butter cream frosting. Although weddings are really expensive because of the things you have to put together, you could still have a cake that would still represent your personality and make your guests enjoy every bite of the cake.

A Guide To Designing Wedding Reception Invitations

Congratulations for you engagement now that you have decided to tie the knot is time to think about how to design your wedding card and what to write. Wedding reception invitation cards as of the say are being produced in varied designs, styles and forms. You can explore from more achievable designs and arise up with one solely reflecting your wedding's idea. Here are various tips that can be depended upon with regards to sending out wedding greeting invitations:
1. Production out of your action - you can determine to ship out your invitations finished using the following:
  • You can comment your party event in the wedding invitation. In doing this, you have to be direct and abstain to avoid misleading.
  • You can also start your wedding invitation with a gripping prologue enhanced with personal touches and still acquire a secern invitation for the wedding greeting.
  • Distinguish invitations with different features and content. Do not lose the escort and unsurprising instance for the receipt to commence. You also acquire to sequester several directions on how the guest can get there. Encouraged, you must include a phone so in any circumstance the guests can contact for their inquiries. Additionally, you may also necessary RSVP.
  • It is advised to ship or mail all the wedding reception invitations together to avoid extra charge or postage expenses.
2. Earthshaking considerations for a more succeed wedding reception invitation
  • Include only important facts without including any other unnecessary phrases. This way you will avoid any misunderstanding.
  • Explain the dress code and the outfit only if the wedding reception is held in fancy venue or if you prepare a theme.
  • If your greeting is feat to be held in the comparable venue as your wedding ceremony, then it is no obligatory for you to give separate wedding reception invitations. Your guests will be there, unless they will miss the reception.
Keep in mind that your wedding reception invitation is one of the most treasured things that your descent and friends would protect since it bears the happiest and memorable day of your life. Thusly, nothing can be appreciated more than the endeavour of preparing for something that announces a memorable and blissful circumstance.
Now that you have decided the design of your wedding reception announcement card is time to decide the wedding invitation wordings what to write on your invites will it be formal or informal wedding invitation wording? Before you start writing your wedding announcement card is important to explore ideas and look for wedding invitation wording samples.

Designing Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding day will certainly be one of the happiest moments in your life and you want it to be perfect. Discovering the perfect wedding dress is an important condition. You have seen many models and you have visited nearly every store but you still have difficulties choosing. Something seems to be wrong.
The perfect wedding dress lives in your imagination - you have an idea about each tiny detail that will make it impeccable. Why not create that perfect wedding dress yourself?
Designing and creating your own wedding dress is certainly more difficult than purchasing it but the final result will make you 100 percent happy. You will need to do some planning and you will have to purchase materials. The process, however, will be fun and satisfactory.
Here is what you need to know in case you decide to design your own wedding dress.
Sketch Your Ideas
Give yourself some freedom and sketch the ideas you have. Putting the design on paper will help you clarify details.
Be brave and draw the wedding dress, even if you are uncertain in your drawing skills. It does not have to be a work of art, in order to be useful in the dress production process.
Look for Inspiration
Go to a wedding dress store. Try out several dresses. Apart from being very fun, this shopping spree will help you perfect your own design and it will provide you with great ideas.
Choose models resembling the wedding dress design that you have selected. Pay close attention to the fabric, the pieces that make the dress, the stitching and the additional accessories used. It is impossible to replicate a model that you like but you will have some practical knowledge about wedding dress design.
Examine designs online. Print the ones that you like. Pay close attention to the details. Choose the aspects that appeal to you and utilize those in the creation of your unique wedding dress design.
Find the Right Fabric and Supplies
If you think about making the wedding dress yourself, you will have to purchase a quality sewing machine. It needs to have various options and it has to be easy to use.
Choose a high quality machine. Something inexpensive and lacking functionalities could ruin your dress creation attempts.
The same applies to the selection of fabrics. You are going to make a dress for a very special day. Make sure that this dress is perfect. Even if quality fabrics are more expensive, the extra money spent will be totally worth it.
Focus on Details and Accessories
Pay attention to each tiny detail. This is the only way to achieve perfection. The right neckline, the place where you use lace and the embroidery have to look exactly like your dream dress.
Looking at the tiny aspects of it will help you create that one amazing dress. Going for something that is solely satisfactory will produce a mediocre result. If it fails pleasing you, start all over again.
Ask for Professional Help
You may have difficulties making the dress yourself - the process is somehow complex and you lack the time.
Search for professional help. A professional tailor will give you hints about the design and will help you modify certain aspects of it that appear to be imperfect. Consult a professional tailor and present your ideas. This way, you will be making your design happen in a perfect way.

Most Popular Designs Dresses of 2011

Structure, shapes, and geometric designs are some of the most prevalent design elements that are taking the lead in the formal wear industry this year. From cut-out designs to sharp plunging necklines, the top formal dresses of 2011 are all about lines, proportion, asymmetry, as well as symmetry, geometry, and balance.
The Hourglass Silhouette
Hour-glass silhouettes or mermaid dresses look stunning on different body types - they enhance curves and emphasize feminine proportions. This design is all about lines, curves, and textures; it is usually manufactured from a thick silk fabric that can provide a strong structure for the garment. Paired with sexy, strappy stilettos and diamond jewelry, this look is meant to be featured on the catwalk.
The Plunge V-neck Dress
For the sexiest look of the year, strut the plunge v-neck dress, if you dare. This design looks best in solid fabric, balancing an ultra sexy look with the highest level of elegance. A fancy updo to show off the sexy design and beautiful chandelier earrings will make you look like you just walked across the red carpet for a celebrity awards show or the biggest Hollywood event of the year.
Cut-out Designs
The cut-out trend has been prominent in cocktail dresses, tops and tees, denim, leggings, and other garments this year. Now, this major fashion trend is reaching evening gown couture houses all across the world. Edgy, cut-out formal gowns usually bare a bit of skin on the sides of the torso or on the back of the dress. The key to this trend - like many others, is not to overdo it. Look for a gown that has a 'cut-out focal point' and that exposes either the back, sides, or midriff areas.
Asymmetrical Garments
Though symmetry and proportion are often some of the most sought after attributes, this year is all about creating a balance through other elements like color, shape, and key visual points. The a-symmetrical trend is currently all over the red carpet, often seen in dresses like the popular one-sleeve or slanted-hem garment and other designs that exhibit an uneven scope of symmetry.
This new trend is what we call a statement dress, breaking the mold of what constitutes a traditional gown and setting standards of its own while breaking the taboos of traditional couture. There are endless possibilities to choose from, but always remember to choose a style that fits and flatters you the best.
The Low-Cut Back
More and more designers are featuring the low-cut back element on their most desired dress designs. The low-cut design is usually either a scoop cut or a V-cut. This very nontraditional attribute is eye-catching, different, and sexy. Dark, solid colors will compliment this style by providing contrast and elegance, drawing attention to the clever design.
There are tons of brands and designs to choose from, but keep in mind that structural elements are very important this year. Find the silhouettes and fits that compliment you and your body the best.

Fitted Homecoming Dresses - Design Your Own

Homecoming is an exciting time of the year for any young girl. Obtaining the perfect dress is a key component of achieving what your ideal of homecoming should be. If you cannot find exactly what you are looking for on a store's shelves, then designing your own fitted homecoming dress can an be affordable alternative to simply purchasing one. Various homecoming, or even prom, dress magazines can provide sources of inspiration for the look you want to achieve. Once you have found the elements of the look you are going for, your next step will be to create sketches of the dress. It can be helpful to try on different styles of dresses at department stores to find the specific style that is most flattering to your body.
As you try on different styles of homecoming dresses, your sketches can be modified to contain elements of the different styles that you like best. The different designs should then be combined to create the look that flatters your body the most. For example, the neckline of one dress may look wonderful with the skirt of a different dress. After you have created your final composite of the fitted homecoming dress, the design should be sent to a local dressmaker. He or she will go over the design with you to determine the materials that will be used to create your homecoming dress. You should also be open to any suggestions that your dressmaker may have regarding certain elements of the dress, after all they are a professional. They will also be able to help you choose the colors that will be most flattering to your skin tone.
Designing your own fitted homecoming dress can be affordable. It may benefit you to receive price quotes from different dressmakers to ensure that you are receiving a bargain. Before choosing a dressmaker, you should also look at previous examples of their work to determine its quality. If you are adept at sewing, then you can create the dress yourself. One of the biggest advantages to designing your own homecoming dress is the fit of the dress. Because the fit of the dress is designed to your own body, it will highlight your assets while downplaying the specific parts of your body that you aren't so fond of. Designing your own fitted homecoming gown allows the dress to be truly representative of your style and your personality.

Design Your Own Dress: A Dream Come True

There are some cases wherein you would want to be unique but due to the common and dull clothes that we have today. But here is a good news for everybody (or woman in this matter) because design your own dress will greatly help you!
It is their way to express their own self. Every woman dreams to get the finest and most unique fashion statement that they could have because this will help them in boosting their morale and self confidence. In every way they could, they find ways to make them up beat with the latest fashion trends but still wanting to have a unique dress that will suit their personality. With the help of design your own dress, people will be able to wear the dress that will show what their personality are making them have that unique style that they have been wanting to have.
It is essential for a woman to look good. That is why design your own dress makes their clients to get the dress style that they want so they let them design for the dress that they want to have paying just half of the price that they are paying when they buy dresses from branded clothing lines in the Metro.
It is a dream come true to those women who loves to sketch and design clothing lines. They can use their designs to customize dresses that they could make and use or sell in the future as if like they have their own clothing line their selves. Making them get the best dress that they will surely love because they are the designer of it.
Strictly speaking, they can have their dress without having to worry that they have someone wearing the same exact dress. No hassles of becoming a slave of those clothing lines that are way too high than those ordinary dresses. Design your own dress will be able to help you in making your dreams come true and letting you have the dress of your dreams. With design your own dress online, you can have the most unique dress style that you have been wanting for.

Learn How To Design Your Own Wedding Dress

Like many girls, you may have been planning your wedding since you were a little girl. Playing pretend with your dress up clothes imagining how your special day would play out. And maybe, in that vivid imagination, you could see yourself in the perfect dress. You can bring that childhood memory to life, by designing your own wedding dress.
It could work out that designing your own dress and working with a seamstress will work out to be less expensive than a designer gown at a bridal boutique. If you are lucky, you or someone you know is talented in cutting patterns and working a sewing machine. What a special way to include a beloved friend or family in your wedding.
If you don't have a memory of what you want your dream dress to be, flip through the pages some wedding magazines taking note of the different things that you like. Necklines, hems, embroidery, rhinestones. Designing your own dress allows you to take a piece of every dress you like, rather than having to settle for one dress with a few details you like.
Creating your own dress can also help you keep it in the family. Women tend to hold on to their wedding dresses for prosperity. Talk with your mother and grandmother and see if there are pieces that you can take from their dress to include in your own. Perhaps your grandmother's dress has some beautiful vintage lace and your mother's has covered buttons that can be used on your original design. With these pieces you will have something old and something new all in one.
Have a clear vision of what you are looking for, and sit down and talk with your seamstress so that she understands your vision. Be a part of the process with her, working together to make adjustments along the way so that your dress is perfect in the end.

Top Prom Dress Designers - for 2011

Prom night is your first opportunity not only to glam up with an elegant or flirtatious formal gown, but it may just be your first exposure to high fashion. Many of the top designers from around the world have lines of formal dresses suitable for prom, and as you plan your big night you'll find you can choose from the best known names.
Who are the top prom dress designers for 2011? As you shop online for your unique prom outfit, you're likely to see these name come up more often. All carry solid reputations for gorgeous lines and colors.
Mori Lee - Mori Lee's line of prom outfits range from flirty short styles in shocking pinks and pastels to dramatic A-line gowns in bright primary colors.
Jovani Designs - Whether you want strapless and sweeping down to the floor, or bold with ruffles, Jovani has a unique design for your body style.
BG Haute - Want something wild that definitely turns heads when you enter a room? BG Haute's new prom dresses include outrageous colorful floral patterns and shimmering metallic cocktail dresses.
Sherri Hill - If you want an outfit that can double for clubbing, like a sassy strapless animal print, Sherri Hill has the dress for you. You'll also find flowing A-line gowns under this label.
Scala - A well known name in fashion, Scala offers a distinctive line of prom gowns for the new season. Elegant black empire gowns and glittering colored dresses highlight their catalog.
Jasz Couture - This season's designs from Jasz bring out the daring side of prom. You can choose from dramatic empire cut gowns or formal, mainly backless dresses with criss-crossed straps.
La Femme - Classy, floor length gowns of solid or brilliant floral patterns comprise this season's catalog. If you want to project an air of beautiful mystery, try a dress from La Femme's collection.
These and many more popular prom gown designers have dresses available for sale. When you shop online, you have the advantage of extended inventories at your disposal, and the promise of a great prom in an amazing dress.

Dress Up Games With Designer Kids Clothes

The Dress-Up game is one of many favorite games for girls. If you don't have a wardrobe full of designer kids clothes, you might want to look for alternatives for your daughter to play this sort of game. Luckily, there are lots of games available! But finding the right game requires some decision making. The most important factors are age and game environment. Very young girls tend to like princess dresses or fairy dresses. Whereas a bit older girls are interested in more "realistic" clothes that they plan to wear at school or at home. Also, there are different game environments: Dress-up games can be played online on the internet or in the form of board games. Then again, there are quite a few designer sets out there, where children can design their own outfits. Not to forget is the very popular Barbie doll with hundreds of clothes at her disposal. Let me give you a quick overview:
Barbie dolls:
Dressing up Barbie dolls is probably best fit for very young girls. There are many fantasy-like dresses available that leave room for lots of imagination. You won't find any designer kids clothes here, though.
Fashion Board Games/Designer Sets:
Most fashion board games are about fashion knowledge (like the game called "Fashion"). This might be interesting for a bit older girls that are very enthusiastic fashionistas. Dress-up board games are actually quite rare and the only one I know of is called "Pretty Pretty Princess". So, unless you really want your daughter to be playing a board game, you shouldn't be searching for too long in the board game section for a dress-up game.
There are, on the other hand, many designer sets out there for many different age groups. Designer sets provide your child with the utensils necessary to design several pieces of garment. While certainly a fun activity that will teach your daughter more than just dressing up, it isn't suited to be trying out different brand clothes.
Online Games:
As you have probably already expected, this is the game type where dress-up games with children designer clothes can be played.
An interesting fact, though, is that these games usually let your daughter dress up women designer clothes for adults; and not designer clothes for kids. Nevertheless, online games provide the best way to play dress-up games. It's the only way to provide your daughter with lots of clothes to try on (since they only have to exist virtually).
A real designer kids clothes simulation does not exist (or not that I know of). Most online shops are trying hard to present their designer kids clothes as vividly as possible, but there are no dress-up games on their websites.
I hope that after having read this short article you will be able to find lots of good games for your daughter where she can play dress-up games. Kids are supposed to learn a lot through games in their early age. So who knows, maybe turns out your daughter has a flair for fashion. She might then be able to use her dress-up game experiences to succeed in a fashion career.

A Guide to Men's Designer Shoes Autumn/Winter 2011

It's widely known that most women have a passion for shoes with some women owning literally hundreds of pairs. However it is less well known that over the past decade, it's become popular for men to own a wide range of shoes too. Originally men owned shoes fit for a purpose - for example they would have a pair of running shoes for when undertaking sport, a pair of trainers for everyday wear and a pair of smarter shoes for the office or occasions. However men now own multiple pairs of shoes for each occasion and match their shoes to their outfits - something unheard of several years ago.
The aim of this article is to look at the current trends in men's designer shoes for the autumn/winter 2011.
Men's Trainer Styles
Trainers are as popular as ever and although they have been worn as casual footwear for many years, they are now acceptable footwear for most offices too. One of the brands with an amazing range of trainers this season is Jack Jones.
Jack Jones are a European brand who aim to produce men's designer shoes that are quirky, cool and stylish. One such pair are the Lova Trainers. These trainers originate from the basic white trainer style but feature bold blue accents in the form of the lining which spills over the trainers, as well as the laces, aglets and well positioned stripe detailing to the side of the trainers. A splash of black on the side panels and tongue creates a dramatic look whilst the subtle Jack Jones branding to the heel and side conveys the designer nature of these men's trainers. These trainers look fabulous when teamed with either blue denim jeans or black trousers for a sophisticated look.
Another brand to create hip trainers this season are Bamboo. This UK based brand are renowned for their hybrid styling - blending casual shoes with edgy city styling. The pair that are set to be hot this season are the Thunderbird trainers in black. With a black base, these trainers offer smart styling but the quirky coloured stripe detailing, a throw back to conventional trainer styling, offer an edgy look. The stripes are in this season's colours of golden yellow and azure blue. Added Bamboo branding to the side gives these trainers a retro vibe.
Men's Shoe Styles
Although many offices have adopted smart trainers into the office, there are still those who prefer to where smart men's designer shoes into the office. One of the brands with an amazing range of shoes this season is Base London. Established in 1995, Base London built their brand on high quality footwear that was ultimately affordable. One such pair in their collection are the Vex lace up shoes. These shoes are available in traditional black or tan with two lace levels for a smart look. However the bold contrast stitching, panel effect and rubber sole give these men's designer shoes added edge. These shoes look great when worn with a suit to the office or with a pair of dark indigo jeans and a shirt for a night on the town.
Another popular pair of shoes this season are the De Mendo Costa shoes. These are made from high quality leather and are slip-on in style - a trend set to be big this autumn. Featuring hole punched and crimped detailing to the sides, they ooze elegant style and are great to wear for smart occasions.

Choose the Right Colors and Fabric When Sewing Doll Clothes

Soft and Swingy or Sturdy and Solid
As a child, I would not wear a skirt unless it swished around my legs when I twirled. Nothing A-line or form-fitting for me! I wore cotton t-shirts, but preferred silk because I loved how it felt against my skin. My favorite colors were teal and purple and for several years, my wardrobe reflected my preferences. Now that I'm an adult, I still prefer my skirts to swish and my clothes to be silky and lightweight, but I have learned that some colors look better on me than others. Use similar considerations when sewing doll clothes. Keep in mind the color palette, fabric weight and pattern style. Dolly needs a versatile wardrobe in order to do chores around the house, go to work, or out for an evening with friends (and everything in between).
When selecting the fabric, know the pattern and the style of the outfit. Choose fabric with colors and patterns that complement each other and Dolly. Remember that each outfit is small so a large polka dot may be a bit too much, while a smaller, simpler dot pattern is the right compromise. Keep busy fabric in check by using it as a bodice with a simple skirt or as a vest over a plain colored shirt. Match the colors of fabric in the same way and create a beautiful outfit that is pleasing to the eye.
When sewing doll clothes, not just any fabric will do. Because the outfit is smaller in size, use only light weight and non-bulky material and single knits instead of double knits. If you choose to work with fleece, make sure the seams are top-stitched 1/8" to get rid of excess bulk and ensure it hangs straight. Cotton or a cotton/polyester blend works just fine for most of my patterns. When you work with a fabric that is a lighter weight, use a stabilizer to help prevent puckering. I put a piece of copy paper under the area I am stitching and it keeps my sewing machine from pulling the fabric into the bobbin. This saves LOTS of time and frustration! Crease the paper around where you have stitched and easily tear it off.
Now for colors...It is important that your fabrics complement each other, but it is just as important to make sure that the fabrics and colors flatter Dolly as well. The chart below guides you through the "seasons" and give you some tips on what to look for.
Winter: Dolly's skin tone is beige or olive. Her eyes are dark brown or dark blue. Her hair is black, medium brown, or ash blonde. She looks great in a wide range of dark, vivid, or bright colors. Orange and light/medium browns will not compliment her at all, but pure white will be stunning! Black, pure red, and navy will be amazing.
Autumn: Dolly's skin ranges from peach to pale ivory with light freckles. Her eyes are light or warmly dark, ranging from blue to green to brown. Her hair is red, strawberry blonde, chestnut, or golden brown. She will do well in strong colors, but she should stay away from black. Her perfect colors are camel, teal, cinnamon, and any shade of brown. Her palette includes colors that are rich, warm, and golden as well as light and dark tones that can be either muted or vivid.
Summer: Her skin is soft beige, rosy pink, olive or medium brown. Her eyes are light blue, soft hazel, or soft gray. Her hair is blonde or medium brown. Black clothing is not flattering. Soft pastels will suit her best. Mute the darker colors and Dolly will always go out in style.
Spring: Your doll's skin may be ivory peach or dark beige. Her eyes are dark with golden specks or bright. Her hair is strawberry, dark brown with red highlights, golden blonde, brown or deep black. Mix up the medium and light colors with vivid hues. She looks best in corals and salmon but should stay away from pure black or white.
Use the above guidelines and have fun shopping for fabric with the perfect pattern and color made out of the material that will best represent Dolly's outfit. She is sure to be the belle of the ball or the best dressed worker, ready for any occasion.

Sewing Sleeves on Doll Clothing Patterns

The Differences in Design and Construction
You may have heard the phrase "the right to bear arms"? Well, here we will talk about covering a bit of Dolly's bare arms to put a finishing touch on her outfits. Sleeveless sundresses are perfect for summer outings, but as Autumn leaves fall and Spring showers arrive, Dolly may wish for more on her arms without having to put on a sweater or jacket. There are a variety of options to choose from in order to enhance any outfit as you sew unique clothing for your dolls.
As you work with doll clothes, you encounter challenges of sewing on a smaller scale. Sleeves are no different. Since the opening is so tiny, you cannot do set-in sleeves as you would if you were sewing a dress for yourself. In Dolly's case, you must leave the side seam of the sleeve and bodice open and sew the sleeve cap into the arm hole seam and then zigzag the edge.
Several steps were glossed over so let's go back with a bit more detail to give you a better visual:
First, fully finish your sleeve before attaching it to the bodice. Now is the time to add embellishments. Complete the hem by adding lace, making a casing with elastic threaded through or gather it into a band.
Know the type of sleeve you will use. One example is to create a puffed sleeve by using elastic. First, finish the bottom of the sleeve. Then use a clear plastic elastic that is very stretchy. This can be sewn on rather than cased in and is best used for large areas of fabric that need drawn together as 2" of plastic elastic will stretch to great lengths. It also has less bulk and is easier to slide Dolly's arms in and out of.
Once you have the sleeve's design figured out and finish the sleeve, run thread around the sleeve cap and sew into the bodice and then finish sewing the side seam for the bodice.
Here is a helpful tip: I always run 2 rows of gathering threads 1/8" and 3/8" from the edge of the sleeve's head. I pull the two gathering threads at the same time to ensure even gathers. Then, I stitch down the middle of the two rows with a regular (2.5) stitch. This puts me at a seam allowance of 1/4" away from the edge of the sleeve for my final stitching. It is important to pull out your gathering threads at the end, after stitching. All that is left is to zigzag the seam allowance in order to finish the raw edges.
Look through pattern books on sewing for dolls and evaluate each sleeve on each outfit. See where they are gathered or puffed or banded and how it fits with the rest of the design. Play around with it. If you create a sleeve that doesn't work, make a new one. Have fun and realize there are many ways to achieve the look you desire for Dolly.