Every Bride Deserves Sassi Holford Wedding Dresses

Every bride wants to look like a princess on her wedding day. One of the most important things on any wedding day is the dress. All eyes will be on the bride and she wants to have the dress that will make her look and feel beautiful and confident. Sassi Holford wedding dresses can do that.
If you are a bride looking for your perfect dress then you know that there are many choices out there. One choice is to find a designer wedding gown.
There are a lot reasons to choose to wear designer gowns like Sassi Holford wedding dresses. One is that they are better constructed than other dresses are. Any designer spends a lot of time working on having a high quality dress that is made out of the best materials available. Designer wedding gowns are hand sewn and hand decorated. That means there is no worry about seams ripping or decorations falling off.
Another reason is that they tend to be the best choice to wear on your big day is that much thought has gone into making the dress. A designer spends a lot of time thinking about what will make the bridal wear look good. That means that you can be sure that your beautiful dress will only enhance your beauty on your wedding day. Your wedding gown shouldn't overpower you on your day, but it should enhance your beauty and make you more beautiful for your special day.
Sassi Holford has been designing bridal wear for 30 years. The amazing thing is that she is completely self-taught. She didn't go to any design school, but Sassi Holford wedding dresses are some of the most beautiful dresses in the world. She has quite a following and has been chosen by many celebrities to design their dresses from them.
Sassi Holford wedding dresses are the epitome of grace and style. She has said that her biggest influences have been Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. It's very obvious in her styles that she considers them huge fashion influences. Holford's dresses wouldn't look out of place on either woman.
All of the dresses are designed to be very elegant and graceful. They are reminiscent of old Hollywood style with a modern twist. They follow very elegant and clean lines, often with a strikingly simple silhouette.
Sassi Holford dresses have been in the new recently. In 2008 she designed the dress that Autumn Kelly wore when she married Peter Phillips, the first grandchild of Queen Elizabeth to marry. Because of that royal wedding experience her name was mentioned as a possible designer of one of the three wedding dress that Catherine Middleton will wear for her marriage to Prince William in April 2011.
Many other famous women have worn these beautiful designs on their big day. Because of that many big fashion magazines have featured Sassi Holford wedding dresses in their spreads.
The styles of Sassi Holford wedding dresses are becoming more popular as women see that her dresses are so beautiful and elegant. That's the way that every woman wants to feel on her wedding day and wearing one of these finely designed dresses can do that.
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