Most Popular Designs Dresses of 2011

Structure, shapes, and geometric designs are some of the most prevalent design elements that are taking the lead in the formal wear industry this year. From cut-out designs to sharp plunging necklines, the top formal dresses of 2011 are all about lines, proportion, asymmetry, as well as symmetry, geometry, and balance.
The Hourglass Silhouette
Hour-glass silhouettes or mermaid dresses look stunning on different body types - they enhance curves and emphasize feminine proportions. This design is all about lines, curves, and textures; it is usually manufactured from a thick silk fabric that can provide a strong structure for the garment. Paired with sexy, strappy stilettos and diamond jewelry, this look is meant to be featured on the catwalk.
The Plunge V-neck Dress
For the sexiest look of the year, strut the plunge v-neck dress, if you dare. This design looks best in solid fabric, balancing an ultra sexy look with the highest level of elegance. A fancy updo to show off the sexy design and beautiful chandelier earrings will make you look like you just walked across the red carpet for a celebrity awards show or the biggest Hollywood event of the year.
Cut-out Designs
The cut-out trend has been prominent in cocktail dresses, tops and tees, denim, leggings, and other garments this year. Now, this major fashion trend is reaching evening gown couture houses all across the world. Edgy, cut-out formal gowns usually bare a bit of skin on the sides of the torso or on the back of the dress. The key to this trend - like many others, is not to overdo it. Look for a gown that has a 'cut-out focal point' and that exposes either the back, sides, or midriff areas.
Asymmetrical Garments
Though symmetry and proportion are often some of the most sought after attributes, this year is all about creating a balance through other elements like color, shape, and key visual points. The a-symmetrical trend is currently all over the red carpet, often seen in dresses like the popular one-sleeve or slanted-hem garment and other designs that exhibit an uneven scope of symmetry.
This new trend is what we call a statement dress, breaking the mold of what constitutes a traditional gown and setting standards of its own while breaking the taboos of traditional couture. There are endless possibilities to choose from, but always remember to choose a style that fits and flatters you the best.
The Low-Cut Back
More and more designers are featuring the low-cut back element on their most desired dress designs. The low-cut design is usually either a scoop cut or a V-cut. This very nontraditional attribute is eye-catching, different, and sexy. Dark, solid colors will compliment this style by providing contrast and elegance, drawing attention to the clever design.
There are tons of brands and designs to choose from, but keep in mind that structural elements are very important this year. Find the silhouettes and fits that compliment you and your body the best.