Learn How To Design Your Own Wedding Dress

Like many girls, you may have been planning your wedding since you were a little girl. Playing pretend with your dress up clothes imagining how your special day would play out. And maybe, in that vivid imagination, you could see yourself in the perfect dress. You can bring that childhood memory to life, by designing your own wedding dress.
It could work out that designing your own dress and working with a seamstress will work out to be less expensive than a designer gown at a bridal boutique. If you are lucky, you or someone you know is talented in cutting patterns and working a sewing machine. What a special way to include a beloved friend or family in your wedding.
If you don't have a memory of what you want your dream dress to be, flip through the pages some wedding magazines taking note of the different things that you like. Necklines, hems, embroidery, rhinestones. Designing your own dress allows you to take a piece of every dress you like, rather than having to settle for one dress with a few details you like.
Creating your own dress can also help you keep it in the family. Women tend to hold on to their wedding dresses for prosperity. Talk with your mother and grandmother and see if there are pieces that you can take from their dress to include in your own. Perhaps your grandmother's dress has some beautiful vintage lace and your mother's has covered buttons that can be used on your original design. With these pieces you will have something old and something new all in one.
Have a clear vision of what you are looking for, and sit down and talk with your seamstress so that she understands your vision. Be a part of the process with her, working together to make adjustments along the way so that your dress is perfect in the end.