Modern Wedding Invitations By Design

The dream begins at the mailbox. Every young woman breathes a sigh when they see their name in script on "that" envelope. Every mother remembers...every father dreams about his little girl. Modern wedding invitations have changed from the traditional white or cream paper with formal script. Today's invitation designs range from the formal to fun and beyond.
Your dream day starts long before the event. Typically, invitations are mailed six to eight weeks prior to the event. If you are having a destination wedding or international travel for guests this should be extended by four to six weeks. Ordering custom designed wedding invitations can take six to eight weeks for the process. You should plan to begin the invitation design planning no less than four months before the event.
Modern wedding invitations can reflect a bride's personality, common interests of the couple, a fantasy or colour theme - but your invitation design should portray the hope of your future. It will become a keepsake for family and friends. Sketches, pictures, colour samples or detailed descriptions will all assist in allowing your designer to share in the dream and create the perfect invitation. Ask to see samples and view the designer's website to become familiar with their work.
Once the initial design in completed, you will be sent a proof, either in a PDF file or a sample invitation. Carefully review the file for placement of images, text and graphics. Review all text for spelling, capitalisation, punctuation and form. This is your responsibility! Most design houses will take no responsibility for errors once the proof has been reviewed and deemed correct by the client. If you receive a sample, check the above listed items first. Then move onto the paper and envelopes. If you are not satisfied with anything, make the changes now!
If the design requires additional assembly like vellum overlays, ribbons or additional folding of a non-traditional shape, make sure that there is an understanding on who will take care of this. You might enjoy an evening with friends assembling and addressing your invitations, but a box of unassembled invitations would be an unwelcome and unpleasant surprise.
Things to remember to discuss prior to signing a contract are the cancellation policy and fees - sorry ladies this has been known to happen - better safe than sorry! Understand the deposit and when payment in full is required. Set your expectations before you make a commitment.
Your wedding is your day; let your invitation design reflect your dream. Modern wedding invitations are a wonderful way to share your dream, reflect your hopes for the future and keep the fantasy alive.